Friday, May 22, 2009

On the Road

Yes, it's only day 2 of our amazing adventure and I already miss Minnesota (okay, a little) and all of my friends (a lot). Both days were long and tiresome and I'm fully ready to sleep, as soon as I get this post up.

Right now we are in a Best Western in Laurel, Montana. We had had plans to camp at Cooney State Park but after driving over 409 miles and then travelling down a winding country road, which then turned into a winding gravel country road, for what seemed like an eternity all the while wondering where in the hell the damn state park was--we figured we deserved some comfort.

Not to mention the fact that we didn't get much sleep at Ft. Abraham Lincoln State Park, where we camped last night, because it was super chilly and then we were awoken at 5:30 am to the sounds of a wild kingdom surrounding us. I kid you not, between the high pitched bird twittering, the chirps of squirrels, the lowing of the mourning doves, the honks of the geese, plus various and sundry other animal noices, it was deafening. I've never heard such a "natural" cacophony.

So, yay, we're not going to be cold tonight and the only animals we might be awoken by tomorrow morning would be the humans next door to us. Plus, we are clean! And we don't have to take that humongormous tent of ours down tomorrow morning. So, although, this trip has gotten off to a shaky, but interesting start (more details, and pictures, to come) it is shaping up nicely. We've gotten some great pictures of buffalo, painted hills, and each other :) I look forward to sharing those with you along with some of the tales from the trip.

Tomorrow we'll be exploring Montana! Wish us luck!

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