Friday, June 5, 2009

Baby birds!

A couple of days ago I was walking through the strawberry patch and I saw something tiny scurry quickly to my left. I looked over, thinking it was a mouse, but caught sight of a little bird. And then I remembered the finch mama and the nest we found a few days ago, so I peered into the nest to take a quick look and low and behold THEY HATCHED!

I was super excited and very surprised, especially since I had just seen the eggs not even a week ago. I didn't realize baby birds could hatch so quickly. Well, while the mama twittered and tweeted her discontent at my proximity to her little ones, I decided to snap a picture to show you guys.

They're pretty weird looking and insanely tiny but also really downy and cute. If I think about it, I'll try to get some more pictures of their progress as the days go by. They might be fledglings already for all I know!

Speaking of fledglings-- today, I notice a loud squaking, which isn't of itself out of the ordinary, but then I saw our farm dog/mascot/entertainer, Gixxer (pronounced Jix-er), looking quite intently at a patch of grass and inching in slowly. So, I walked up quickly and looked and saw a fledgling stellar jay pitifully sqauking at me. I immediately shooed the dog away and eventually chased him into the house. When I went back out the little jay was still sitting in the tall grass, occassionally crying out, especially when I got closer. Poor little jay. I hope that it finds its mother or its mother finds it soon. Send it some positive thoughts everyone.

It's been such a trip so far to be so close to the lives of birds. There were birds in St. Paul but I never got to see fledglings or newly hatched baby birds. It's all quite exciting and wonderful.


  1. Baby birds! Cute! I used to have some baby birds that grew up outside my window when I was studying abroad but they were up high so I never got to see them this well or when they were so little and they also were pigeons so not really very cute at all and they woke me up really early everyday with their squawking. But I loved them and saw them learn to fly.

    Also your trip so far sounds really awesome and I wish I knew about farming like you will!

  2. Nice post and great picture at the top! Judging from the second bird nest photo the one with the open mouth may have imprinted on you as Mama. You sound good.