Thursday, July 16, 2009

Here's a few "thousand words"

I have now taken more pictures, finally. I'm sure my stories are fun but pictures are worth...well, you know.

Here's the promised pictures of bagels (I made the ones on the top and Alex made the ones on
the bottom):

I also got some good shots of the chickens here--there are 4 chickens and 1 fluffy (and largely
ornamental--he's smaller than the hens...if you catch my meaning) rooster.

They are named but Sherry would have to remind me of their names.

Today we gave them some old cherries and they were super happy. Looking forward to seeing
how many eggs we get tomorrow. Today we got 4 and that's a really good day :)

The chickens aren't the only ones that get to snack on yummy, fresh, (very) local produce. If you
get hungry at Sidhehaven you can either eat some cherries (from a friend's tree), snap peas (straight off the vine), or wild blackberries (they taste a bit like cotton candy when they're really

All in all, we are enjoying our time here: we're learning how identify a lot of plants, how to take care of chickens, and getting fed really well. The major perk is that we have plenty of free time to
read, explore parts beyond the land we're on (especially now that my car's fixed--minor glitch), and basically soak up the leisure time. Who knows when we'll get another care free summer like this. It's almost like I'm back in high school! Except that I'm way more mature and way way wiser than I was back then, of course :)

Today, Alex and I took a walk on some trails in the watershed park near Olympia and, while we got a number of really beautiful pictures, the prize jewels of the pictures (in my humble opinion) were these ones of mushrooms that Alex and I found (This was our first wild mushroom find out here so we're super stoked about it, but we're still trying to figure out
what they are--if you can help, let us know).

Alex took this one:
Happy July 16th! Congrats to Mississippi Market Co-op on their new store opening and happy birthday to my (not-quite-so) little brother!

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